Who Are We?

Chiropractic Legal Solutions was founded by the Law Offices of Larry J. Laurent, P.C., a nationally recognized lawyer and expert in chiropractic legal and procedural issues. Our Chiropractic Legal Solutions program has been developed specifically to provide doctors of chiropractic with the legal support that need to solve their pressing legal problems and meet their practice’s legal needs through a full range of legal services designed specifically for the chiropractic professional [web site tab for legal services]. Our CLS Consulting Program has been developed with the assistance of nationally recognized chiropractic consulting experts to provide a full range of chiropractic consulting venues specifically intended to provide doctors with the assistance they need in setting up proper office procedures and protocols and in solving complex, and day-to-day, practice related problems [web site tab for Consulting Services]. Our CLS Program has been designed to provide the chiropractic professional with a one-stop-shop for addressing and solving virtually every professional issue that may arise.